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Property Maintenance & Home Improvements


Here are some photos showing the end results of my work (hover to enlarge):
  • Wall before arch cut in

    Existing doorway being moved & archway created

  • Original kitchen

    An awkward kitchen that needed updating & streamlining

  • Original utility

    A utility room not fit for purpose

  • Shower pump needing replacement

    Old shower pump

  • French windows in original position

    French windows - original position

  • Water feature before

    Garden area before

  • Garden wall in process

    Garden wall during construction

  • Completed archway

    Completed archway, original doorway filled in

  • Completed kitchen

    Layout improved, new utility area created,cooker resited

  • Updated utility room

    A clean practical solution

  • Shower pump after replacement

    Shower pump after replacement

  • French windows in new position

    After repositioning

  • Water feature after

    Completed water feature

  • Completed garden wall

    Completed garden wall

These are some other examples of my work:
  • IKEA flatpack cupboards

    Flatpack from IKEA

  • Built in wardrobes

    Built in wardrobes

  • Tiling in a kitchen

    Kitchen tiling

  • Camouflage of bin area

    Camouflage of bin area

  • Hall with tiled floor

    Newly tiled entrance floor

  • Raised pond

    Original pond replaced by a raised pond & flower beds, along with a new patio